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In nomine Liz Lemon

This is my second attempt to running a blog. The first one was hosted over 6 years ago at the former and it had a whooping total of 3 posts, which were mostly filled with third party content. Suffice it to say my record as a blogger is not exactly stellar. I was much younger and had rather little to say, and what I did want to share I was either unable to properly express or I was simply afraid to do so. I think this time around will be different, not because I have become a better writer in the meanwhile or have completely overcome the fears of opening up to the stranger out there, but because now I do have a thing or two to say about the world that surrounds me, sometimes compelling enough to warrant this kind of effort.

I suspect many of the posts will be about whatever happens to weigh heavy in my head on that particular day, ranging from some random thought on a larger than self matter to a “what the fuck” moment I just had reading some news item. I am only giving a fair warning now. I might be politically incorrect and I will cover politics and religion. I may even rant about it. My censorship started and will end with the name of this blog. By the way, if you have been watching 30 Rock you probably recognize that “what the what?! is something Liz Lemon often says when she finds herself in these type of situations that I plan to write about. I cannot predict how frequently will I be making new blog entries and I do not want to promise something I may not uphold, but I do realize I have to do it as often as possible if this second attempt of running a blog is to succeed, i.e. not to fade out of interest and into oblivion.

In nomine Liz Lemon!